You’re in my brain, 

like a car that’s forgotten 

how to stay in it’s lane.



One of those nights where you can’t seem to fall asleep so you think about all the relationships you’ve watched fail and the last time you ate something simple that made you wish you were 7 again. You think about the last person you slept with and how they took a part of you with them. You masturbate to the thought of the last boy that smiled at you and you finally find yourself getting drowsy. 

The Roads

The rivers are shallow,

The city can’t swallow me.

I’m choking on all the dust,

I’m choking on all the lust surrounding me.
I’m walking on all these streets, 

I’m looking at all the things I’ve never seen. 

Some men stop and look at me, 

pull out a gun and say follow me. 
But the roads were never to blame, 

I was shot in the head for my own mistakes.

My dress was too short, my knees were too pretty,

I moisturised them daily.
The bridges are alive, 

we’ve spent almost all day in line.

We’re all out of money, 

are we just paying to breathe around here?
All I see is broken glasses, bus stops 

and corrupted cops. 

I remember some beauty, 

I was so enchanted by all I hadn’t seen.

I think I saw too much, 

I think I’ll drown the cross around my neck. 
But the roads were never to blame, 

my faith was never that strong anyway. 

I believed in right and wrong but now 

all I know is that God is gone 

and our bodies will never be ours.

The Sun And The Streets 

We fell in love with each other And then with her. 

She gave us hope in exchange for gold, then slowly you’d given her everything you’d ever owned. 

We touched sporadically, losing our minds so rapidly. 

I took a few steps back while you fell through, and into the arms of someone who would never love you. 

She kept you warm but never fed, you looked so ill now from your toes to your head. 

You spent more time staying in bed, I couldn’t remember the last time you weren’t unkempt.

You never failed to go find her, even if it meant waiting around town till everyone bailed. 

You had given in to the vices, knowing they would quiet the noises. 

She took away the sun but showed you stars and galaxies, you spent more and more nights on the streets. 

You had no doubt and you felt free, all you had left were some faint memories that you lent to her so you could drown in her streams.